Central VS Mini-Split Ductless AC. Which one to choose?

As the hot days are approaching, the need for having a high-quality air conditioner in your home or office drastically increases. There are generally four types of air conditioning systems; window units, portable units, ductless or mini-split air conditioners and central air conditioning systems. All these air conditioners have different functioning, installation techniques and effectiveness levels depending on your demands and needs. For example, windows and portable units can usually be installed without professional help, whereas professional service is required when it comes to central or ductless air conditioners. Whenever you feel like you need help with the installation of your AC, contact us at Expert Air Conditioning Repair, and our qualified specialists will give a solution to your problem. But now, let’s have a look at the advantages and downsides of ductless and central air conditioning systems and briefly discuss their installation process.

Central air conditioning system.

A Central Air condition system is usually known as a permanent fixture for your house. Cool air flows through a system of piping system ducts by central air conditioners. Air is delivered to the building through supply ducts and registers. As the cool air moves throughout the area, it warms up and returns to the central air conditioner through return ducts and registers. Central air conditioning is a perfect option, especially for those who already have ductwork in their place. Central air conditioners’ elements (excluding air handlers) are usually placed outside the building, making it really comfortable for the users. This is the most cost-effective method to keep your entire home cool, as with cooler temperatures and decreased humidity, a central air conditioning system assures lower energy expenses and interior comfort. So in sum, we can ensure that you do not have to worry with an almost inconspicuous, quiet central AC system with components housed outdoors. For our qualified personnel, installation is quite simple, especially in houses with ducting. Central air conditioning systems are also a wise investment as a permanent feature in your home. Even though the central AC system has profuse advantages, there are some minor costs that you should also consider before making a purchase. Central AC needs maintenance at least once a year, and you should be prepared for some upfront expenditures. It can especially be costly if you also need to install ductwork and the air conditioner. Another crucial thing that you must also consider is the size. Choosing bigger than the required standard will catalyze the process of your air conditioner’s components wearing out, due to which it will have a shorter life span.

Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner

Another type of air conditioning system that needs professional help during the installment procedure is the ductless mini-split AC system. Ductless air conditioners are a simpler version of Central AC as they are heat pumps without ductwork, generally possessing two main details. The first component is an external pump, which is identical to the one found in a central air conditioner. The second one is an internal evaporator coil and air handling equipment mounted on an upper surface. A tube connects the two units through such a small hole in the wall. These types of air conditioning systems are mainly designed for small houses where the usage of ductwork is not practical or old homes where the ductwork was initially non-existent. Mini split-system air conditioners are used in household, corporate, and institutional buildings.
The primary benefit of a mini-split ductless air conditioning system is its tiny and comfortable size which makes the cooling procedure of individual rooms way more straightforward and more practical. Some brand and models even can have up to four units of air handling, due to which it is possible to cool up to four zones. Depending on the size of your home and your needs concerning the cooling amount, your air conditioner may have different amounts of air handlers. Each zone will have its thermostat, allowing you only to heat the space while it is occupied, saving you both energy resources and costs. Another advantage of mini-split air conditioners is that, unlike central AC systems, they do not have any costs and energy waste concerns associated with central ductwork. Our final advantage is that having a mini-split ductless air conditioner allows you to be more flexible with your home’s interior design. Air handlers can be placed in a wide range of ways, like on the ceiling or on the wall. What’s more interesting is that now you can even find floor-standing options or the ones that can be functioned with remote controls. Thanks to this, you can quickly turn on or off the air conditioner if it’s in a high or uncomfortable place. Having talked about the numerous benefits of mini-split ductless AC systems, let’s not forget that all the types of air conditioners have their downsides, and this one is not an exception either. Ductless mini-split air conditioners have really high costs, and they are generally around thirty per cent more expensive than the central AC. This is why people usually prefer replacing their old central AC with a new one rather than installing a mini-split ductless air conditioner. Having a well-qualified professional for your instalment procedure is critical; otherwise, you have to pay for unexpected maintenance costs later. Each indoor unit must be suitably sized, and the optimal place for installation must be determined. Short-cycling is common with oversized or poorly positioned air handlers, which causes energy waste and does not provide sufficient temperature or humidity management. However, a more extensive system is also more expensive to purchase and operate.

Considering all of the mentioned points above, we can come to the conclusion that it does not matter what type of air conditioning system you are going to install for your house, you should always seek professional help if you want to avoid further more serious and costly problems. So Expert Air Conditioning Repair is always there for you and will assist you in installing the air conditioning system of your choice in a timely and cost-effective manner.